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Dreaming of a White Christmas... with the poinsettia!

If you want your Christmas decoration to be rather pure and elegant, you can use snow-white and cream colored poinsettias to create beautiful table and room decorations in the twinkling of an eye!

Simple-elegant table decoration with white poinsettias

Table decorations with white poinsettias look especially festive. In this design only pot plants are used. Straight lines and a reduction to just a few accessories underscore the impression of simple elegance.

The centre of the table is adorned with radiantly beautiful poinsettias in deco pots that are as simple as they are elegant. Matching candle holders with simple white candles and single cones round off the harmonious look. At every place setting a delightful poinsettia miniature greets the dinner guests.

Tip: Wrap the deco pot in cotton wool. This not only looks pretty, it also helps keep the plate clean.

Star allure: A white poinsettia miniature in a simple pastel green pot is a radiantly beautiful eye-catcher for a festively set table. The unmistakable shape of its magnificent bracts is reflected in the golden deco star.

Radiant, snow-white beauty: A Princettia plant in a simple, pastel green pot is a beautiful eye-catcher for a festively set table.

Gift Idea with poinsettia miniatures

Whether as a special gift to bring for a coffee date on Advent Sunday or a little something for Poinsettia Day on 12.12: This cone-shaped gift bag with an enchanting white poinsettia miniature is a charming gift idea that is quick and easy to make. To do so, fashion a cone of construction paper and hot glue and decorate it with fabric. Then drill a hole in the construction paper and thread a wool string through it. Now you only need to attach the gift tag with a name or personal note written on it, together with a deco star and some larch twigs. Wrap the poinsettia pot in plastic foil and carefully place it in the cone. Voilà!

DIY: Winter woods Advent decoration with poinsettia

You can make this eye-catching bowl with an ice crystal look in just a few easy steps. A salad bowl provides the basis for making a frosty cover with hot glue sticks. You then encase the poinsettia with cotton snow and position it on a saucer in the icy bowl. Arrange moss and cones around the poinsettia and, of course, adorn the piece with artificial snow. Et voilà: your frozen Christmas decoration is finished! Materials used in this video: Poinsettias, hot glue sticks, artificial snow, cotton snow, saucer, freezer bag and rubber band, moss, twigs, cones, adornments, hot glue gun, salad bowl, dishwashing liquid, cloth, scissors!

Easy winter DIY: Container with a coat of wax for a poinsettia

Thanks to a coat of wax with a star-shaped hole, the glass container shines in a whole new Christmas light. Old candles are used to create this icy translucent look. Simply wrap the poinsettia in cotton and LED fairy lights. This easy DIY decoration emits warm light during the merry Christmas season. Materials used in this video: Poinsettia, old candles, glass container, LED fairy lights with a battery compartment, deco wire, cotton snow, artificial snow, plastic bag and rubber band, cardboard stencil, masking tape, hot plate, pot, brush, knife, pen!

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